Art Direction, UX/UI Design

Livmuztang Wellness

Livmuztang is a men’s wellness brand that makes it easy to get private, convenient medical treatment and consultation for sexual health online. The brand offers premium products to help men deal with sexual performance issues. Due to the sensitive nature of these conversations, the brand was struggling to build a visual language that conveys this information in a friendly, trustworthy manner. My role was to lead art direction and help the brand in telling its story more creatively. While extending it through all digital platforms and channels.

The challenge was to distil and deliver a premium user experience through a friendly, approachable interface – that looks great across all breakpoints. Another concern that came to the fore was the restrictions imposed by social media channels on any content related to sexual health. My strategy was to set a tone that would invite men to engage, learn more, and be proactive about taking care of themselves. This was done by using imagery that was tongue-in-cheek but stood out instantly and copy that gets to the heart of real issues. The result was a creative direction that has strived to be fun, as well as eye-catching, and honest.


To create an experience, tone and art direction that would normalise both seeking information about men’s health issues and proactively doing something about them. Additionally, deliver a redesigned website that felt like a normal e-commerce website – where users could easily learn and understand the product offerings. Conceptualise visual assets that convey a large amount of information on an often uncomfortable and unreliable topic in a digestible, friendly and trustworthy manner.


Based on our learnings, we took an empathetic, user-first approach to understand the concerns and considerations of men at various ages facing issues with their bodies. We helped develop a conversational tone that permeates through all aspects of the brand – from imagery to UX and customer service. The idea from the beginning was to be upfront with our customers. It was important to communicate to customers that this is real medicine that delivers real results and to build authority for the Livmuztang website as a place users can trust to learn about all that.

The content would purposely focus on showing normal men, and how they deal with these issues. The art direction is visually appealing, with imagery that conveys humour as well as honesty. Visual metaphors have been implemented as a personable way to describe the product benefits. From the website to the display assets, the goal has been to make sure the content is situationally aware and understands the consumer’s context.

To ease conversations among consumers, we also helped create a chatbot for Facebook messenger where users can talk and learn more about intimate issues privately.


Art Direction
UX/UI Design
Visual Language
Web Development
Chatbot Development
Online Collaterals


Results of the partnership

4X rise in traffic.

6X rise in leads.

Setting a new tone
Designing a friendly digital product to simplify online consultations
Results we achieved over time
E-commerce built in
2X savings on spends
4X rise in website traffic
6X rise in leads
Mobile-first design
Serving the users based on their evolving behaviour
Testing multiple iterations
New website design and development for Tier-2 audiences
Chatbot Development
Making it easy to talk about intimate health issues through personalisation
New Visual Language
Art direction that is visually appealing with imagery that conveys humour and honesty

Count. on us.

Livmuztang Wellness


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