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Snokor Earbuds

Snokor is a recently launched sub-brand of Infinix Mobiles, offering true wireless (TWS) earbuds for budget-friendly users. Since the TWS market is flooded with products from both mobile phone companies and audio-based earwear brands – the challenge was to generate buzz without breaking the bank. Our role was to craft a digital plan to market the brand and reach the right audience. And to ensure savings of spending while executing the performance marketing campaigns.

This collaboration also included outlining a content strategy and management of digital assets. The result was a stock-out first sale and 2X initial ROAS. After the success of the first campaign, the brand extended this partnership for multiple upcoming campaigns as well.


To kickstart growth for a new brand through a full suite of paid digital marketing services. And take them from launch to seven-figure sales in one year. Deliver high ROAS with minimum ad spends. To successfully scale the brand with cross-channel (digital) media strategies and campaigns.


Early in the research phase, we found a low overlap of existing Infinix users and users interested in TWS devices. To gain traction, we worked on building a new consumer base for Snokor, separate from its parent brand. Granular cohorts were defined, with a focus on ‘Trends+Bargain’ oriented users. The channel preferences were narrowed to include search, display and social media campaigns.

We conceptualised a new design language for Snokor to appeal to a trendy, fast-moving, younger audience. The launch was accompanied by a music video to generate buzz with product integrations built-in. This helped showcase the product to the users more organically. Based on the design principles we set out, display ads and video assets were created. Specialised visuals were made for targeted platforms.

Additionally, we worked on finding the right keywords with high volumes and low competition. Search ads were divided into branded, generic and competition campaigns. Remarketing campaigns were added in later as well. We also used PR, localised KOLs and Influencers to promote the devices during different phases of the launch cycle.


Growth Strategy
Digital Roadmap
Media Planning & Buying
Paid Ads Management
Paid Search Management
Content Strategy
Creative Management
Brand Messaging
Ongoing Creative


Results of the partnership

3X ROAS delivered.

2X savings on spends

Distinctive Launch Strategy
Finding new ways of showcasing the product
Results we achieved over time
14+ successful campaigns
8 stock-out sales
3X ROAS delivered
2X savings on spends
Creative Direction
Using human imagery to show the product in action
Visual Expression
Product specific imagery with minimal and clean visuals

Count. on us.

Snokor Earbuds


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