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Earth Hour is a worldwide movement organised by WWF. The event is held annually, encouraging individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off all non-essential lights for one hour. In India, the brand wanted to heighten engagement and increase top of mind awareness for this event. The campaign conceptualised was ‘#GiveUp‘ – encouraging the reduction of excess usage and overall wastage in our day-to-day lives. The project involved developing a website where people could pledge their support for the movement in addition to a Facebook chatbot to inspire new interactions. Within 15 days of launch, more than 5 million people pledged to give up the use of single-use plastics. Mr Amitabh Bachchan supported the movement and the hashtag trended on Twitter.

Other projects included the implementation of branded campaigns – like ‘Rohit for Rhinos’, ‘Super Sniffers’ and more.


To create a better way to reach out to new users for the Earth Hour event while also increasing awareness on social media. Also, provide creative and strategic support for regular branded campaigns. The success metric was pledges received from the public and online buzz that crops up organically.


The campaign was taken to market with the messaging ‘#GiveUp’ to give back. Users were asked to show their support by registering their pledges on a newly built digital platform. Messaging was extended across paid and owned media channels. And a chatbot was developed to start conversations on sustainable consumption with new users. Additionally, creatives for other running campaigns were refreshed as well.


Growth Strategy
UX/UI Design
Creative Management
Web Development
Chatbot Development
Design Presentations


Results of the partnership

5M+ pledges received.

3X ROAS delivered.

Promoting sustainable consumption
Ideation of new campaign concept to inspire conversations
Results we achieved over time
15+ successful campaigns
3X ROI delivered
2X reduction in CPC
The #GiveUp initiative aims to inspire organisations, institutions and individuals to make the choice to curb some habits, practices and lifestyles, burdening both our lives and the environment and inspire them to choose alternatives to connect to earth.

The Give Up initiative starts conversations at different levels and is a lens that organisations can use to shift their culture and reduce costs.
Additional Campaigns
Collaboration continues across multiple executions

Count. on us.

WWF India


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