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Stonelam Laminam

Stonelam Laminam – a union of Stonex India and Laminam SpA, Italy, produces large-sized, minimum thickness porcelain slabs for urban landscapes around the world. The brand was struggling with low recognition in the Indian market and wanted to establish its revolutionary slabs as the new standard for home surfaces. We worked alongside the Stonelam team to craft the strategic positioning and main messaging for the project. This included creating a new visual language for the brand with extensions across social media, digital and print collaterals. We also helped manage the social media accounts for Stonelam and supported them with specialised campaigns for specific properties like Forbes Design Awards.

The aim was to bring a modern and premium brand experience to life. And the idea to embrace design through innovation: from product – to identity – through digital touchpoints. The result was a distinct positioning and unique visual expression — directly leading to growth in brand affinity, website traffic, social following and revenue.


To create a long-term strategy that would help distinguish the brand from its closest competitors and build a new tone and art direction that would showcase the premium nature of its offerings. Additionally, craft visual assets that reinvigorate the brand’s presence on social media, print and digital platforms.


Based on in-depth competitive research and architect interviews, a set of seven unique competencies were identified, giving shape to a new brand positioning strategy built around vertical surfaces and building facades. We tested out multiple propositions in the market to see how they resonated with the core audience. While fleshing out the ones that worked and eliminating the ones that didn’t.

Positioning the brand as the ‘Future of Facades‘ and creators of wonder walls, the strategy was to develop an expression that incites intrigue while truly standing out among an abundant space of similarities.​

A redesigned website and several brand elements were introduced, with newly developed approaches to social media, physical and mobile platforms, enabling a brand built on distinctiveness and innovation.


Growth Strategy
Brand Messaging
Visual Language
Creative Direction
Social Media Management
UX/UI Design
Web Development
Online Collaterals
Offline Collaterals


Results of the partnership

5X rise in traffic.

3X rise in leads.

Distinctive design elements
Graphics and digital creatives were revamped for social media and online campaigns
Social media curation
Digital collaterals were created for social media specifically to stand-out
Results we achieved over time
5X rise in website traffic
3X increase in leads
2X rise in social media traffic
1.5X rise in social following
Multiple propositions tested
Validating the new strategic direction by market testing various design routes
Route 1
Route 2
Route 3
Route 4

Count. on us.

Stonelam Laminam


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